Adoption & Top sport

Over the years I’ve experienced many beautiful things. As a sporter and as a person.

This is my story:

Being born in India, adopted with my twinsiter, grown up in the Netherlands and my way to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

I’ve had succes and it was (and is) beautiful but I’ve also experienced difficulties. My character, norms and values, setbacks and my environment influences all of that.

Whatever you do in life, in the end it’s all about being happy, finding balance and achieving your goals. That counts for everyone and I’d like to share my story to motivate and inspire people.

What do I have to offer?

Anice as a PUBLIC SPEAKER – Succes is no garantuee, it’s the ultimate goal.

My way to the Olympics can’t be explained in a few sentences. It depends on so many factors what the route looks like. With peaks and valleys. Important questions that I ask myself are: Wat do I have to do for it? How far am I willing to go? When do I succeed? When am I satisfied?

These things also apply if you want to be succesful in your social career. Top sport and business life actually have many similarities in some aspects.

Anice as a MOTIVATOR – motivate and inspire

How to presentate yourself outside as a team? Leadership is about achieving teamwork and being able to change fundamental things. That’s not easy, but you do get the best results by doing it all together.

Anice as a TRAINER – for schools teachers, students, company’s en sportclubs.

Let people expirience that you can enjoy sport on every level. Doing sports is good for solidarity, relaxation and fun. There are 2 options: getting a clininc or I actively participate.

 Talking about ADOPTION – for adoptees, adoptive parents, schoolteachters and kids.

Adoption is a very particular topic. Adoption is a very special subject. Many adoptees struggle with questions about their own and their background. Finding your biological parents is an intensive process and often very emotional. It is easier for one to talk about it than for the other. The same applies to adoptive parents. How to deal with adoption? Teachers might also have questions about this topic. They’re also in situations where it’s useful to have knowledge about what adoptions actually means.

If you are interested to talk about one of these things, please let me know. Click here to send an email.


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